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If you are like me, you are way too busy and I think I can help!


Below you'll find a few tools that have helped my husband and I create our wealth in a way that bring us peace, is simple and provides freedom.   

I will be sharing with you the key people, tools, books, websites and apps that my family uses personally! I hope that they will help you get on track and transform your financial future. We have built a debt-free lifestyle and you can too!


Do you have control over your money? Do you trust banks and investment companies? I don’t, so it was very difficult for us to invest money. We do not do the stock market for example.


I know, you’ve heard people make money there, but they also lose millions! 


I came across this very unique financial concept, let’s say by the hand of God. I was led to talk to this young couple, who happened to be missionaries. They shared with me a friend who was a top producer nationally marketing the very concept I was studying. I was intrigued, read five books, talked to people all over the country and had that top producer fly to our home to visit. I found out that he serves God and people with his vision to change the way people think about finances. That's the concept I am going to introduce to you! Do you want to start to understand how to grow your wealth the way billionaires do. Don’t believe me? Then get the book What would the Rockefellers do? If you follow the sheep, you will end up like one. We have to get educated to do things the very wealthy do. This is our responsibility. Make this your start. More to come. Sign up for emails by clicking below.

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This tool has helped me stress less and given me time freedom! It puts ALL of our cash accounts, credit cards, investments, loans, and assets in one place! I have a picture of my net worth in the palm of my hand. Ah, I like simple.

With this one tool, you can:

  • See ALL your money accounts in one place, in real time.

  • Find out if you are ready for retirement in minutes.

  • Find HIDDEN fees with the Fee Analyzer.

  • Have access to all your financial data in the palm of your hand (and only have to remember one login!!)

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